Sexual Assault Of A College Campus Essay

2023 Words Oct 27th, 2016 9 Pages
What if it was a fact that out of, say, one thousand freshman girls starting off at college this year, a total of two hundred of them will likely be a victim of sexual assault? According to Wood County’s Rape Crisis Center, in their brochure titled, You Don’t Have to Cope Alone: A Booklet for the Female Sexual Assault Survivor, sexual assault is defined to be “crimes involving sexual conduct or sexual contact.” In an article titled, “Researchers Just Found a Way to Reduce Sexual Assault on Campuses,” Ashley Nicole Bank, writer for Our Time Media, Inc., claims that one out of every five women experience some sort of sexual assault while they are attending college. That being said, sexual assault on a college campus is definitely something to be feared if you are a woman attending an upper-education school. Sadly, this fear becomes an unfortunate reality for an unbelievable amount of women today. As told by CBS News source Katie Couric, in her editorial appropriately titled, “The Case of Beckett Brennan,” she tells the story of Beckett Brennan’s sexual assault. At the time of the rape, Brennan was attending the University of the Pacific. In the interview part of the article, Brennan explains that she was at a party with some friends and later ended up stranded away from the party looking for a ride back (Couric). As Brennan was looking for a ride home, she claims, “‘I was offered a ride by two of the men on the men 's basketball team. And assuming that we were going back to…

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