Sexual Assault Is The Subject Of Many Movies And Popular Television Shows

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Sexual assault is the subject of many movies and popular television shows, but what people don’t necessarily understand is that on college campuses, the assailant is usually a friend or acquaintance and many assaults go unreported. The evil villain who attacks from the dark is more likely a date and the attack not a surprise from the shadows, but forced sex in a dorm room or apartment. The environment of a college campus brings together young adults who are dating, making new friends and often drinking for the first time and this environment creates opportunity to take advantage of a weaker or disoriented person. This environment puts an increased responsibility on the schools to ensure the environment is safe by preparing the students, employees and the policies of the university to understand what an assault is and to take every report of assault serious. The assigned reports and video show that there is room to improve and the recent trends suggest the nation’s universities may be getting better at reporting, handing and actually reducing the number of sexual assaults on campus.
I am surprised to read the statistic that one in five college students is sexually assaulted during their time at college. Entering my junior year, I think I better understand the behaviors and some of the issues that students face. The environment at college is different for young adults and the student is faced with tremendous freedom and autonomy that they did not experience when living at…

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