Sexual Assault Is Not Being Taken Seriously : Many Men And Women

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Brock Turner’s Case
Sexual assault is not being taken seriously: many men and women feel this to be true. A sister, who is not named, of the victim of the Brock Turner case wrote a statement about how she felt during the ongoing case. She argues that what Brock Turner have done, affected the way her and her family are today. The main message of the statement she wrote, was to Brock Turner, telling him that what he did to her sister was irreversible. She makes the argument that what he did was wrong, and unforgiving. The point of this argument is to send a message to Brock Turner and Tell him what he did was not okay and how the whole situation affect their family. She attempts to convince the audience that Brock Turner was not innocent in what he did to her sister, is successful because she used her emotion and told the audience her honest feeling about this case.
__The author’s character was purposeful, realistic, and understanding. She was purposeful because she used her experienced with her sister to share how it affected her. The way she was realistic was telling the reader and the audience her story with a lot of detail and emotion. Lastly, while she was expressing how she felt, and being the reader, made it made it more understanding of how she felt and the ongoing case.
__The sort of person that she projects herself to be is very sympathetic and caring. She mentions a few times that she thought it was her fault that her sister was in the situation she was in because…

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