Sexual Assault Is A Violent Crime Essay

718 Words Jan 14th, 2016 3 Pages
Sexual assault is a violent crime that is rarely reported by the victim for varies reasons, one being the stigmatization that comes with it. Many victims of sexual assault in our society are seen as asking for it, or as being the one to blame for it occurring. In recent years there has been more talk about military rape, and sexual harassment toward female military personnel. Do to the underreporting of sexual assault, and harassment the exact number of victim is unknown. As Bostock et al. (2007) noted in a research on sexual assault, a survey conducted by the National Women’s Study (NWS) over the phone with approximately 4,008 participants found that 13% of women in the United States have been raped, with about 6 out of 10 being raped before they reached the age of eighteen. The survey by the National Women’s Study also found that 27% of women in the workplace have been sexually harassed; 84% of rape victims never file a report of the incidence to law enforcement; and only 12.6% of rape victim ever file a report for the crime, and violation that occurred to them (Bostock et al., 2007). In the military sexual assault is a sensitive topic due to the image that the military try’s to portray of itself, and because of this many sexual assault cases are hidden from the public view, dismissed without first investigating, or not taking serious when it is investigated. As Bostock et al. (2007) mentioned in a research paper on sexual assault, the military tends to cover…

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