Sexual Assault : How America 's Institutions Of Higher Education Respond

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Throughout the past decade, the issue of sexual violence among students in schools particularly for the women attending college has awakened people’s concerns on the matter in the United States. After I read an article title “Campus Sexual Assault: How America’s Institutions of Higher Education Respond”, I agreed when it says that sexual violence acts are more common than you might think among colleges. Another known fact is that the victim often knows the perpetrator who commits these sexual acts against them. Yet, the victim does not report most of these sexual acts to the proper authorities, as they might not know what a sexual assault or rape is themselves (Karjane, Fisher and Cullen, 98). In the same document, it also says that the schools must incorporate a comprehensive educational program on the myths of sexual violence and rape, and the message must reach the entire student body for instance in a student’s orientation day (Karjane, Fisher and Cullen, 108-109). We all know that knowledge is the key source to distinguish between what matters in life. If, school’s officials incorporated sexual violence programs in their school’s educational curriculum and in on their school’s policies, it will cut down these acts of violence on their school’s campuses while students continue to attend there.

In order to explain what is sexual violence or rape, we need to define it properly, as sex violence and rape is not clear to some people. The Rape, Abuse and Incest National…

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