Essay on Sexual Assault And Sexual Assaults

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3.Life Experiences A third factor that contributes to male sexual assaults is life experiences. Also from the study from the previous factors, it was found that there is a relationship between male sexual assault and their life experiences. The lifestyle experiences related to sexual assaults in this study was specifically how many siblings a person has. It was found that men with a greater number of siblings are at higher odds of being a victim of sexual assault. This may be because men with more siblings tend to be more independent and therefore may be more likely to get involved with risky situations such as being victims of sexual assault (Tewksbury and Mustaine, 2001). It was also found that men than are only children are also more likely to be victims of sexual assault as well (Tewksbury and Mustaine, 2001). Another life experience for men that contributes to the risk of sexual victimization is if they have been sexually abused as a child and did not receive help as a child. The reasons why comparatively few adult males with a history of childhood sexual abuse are seen by professionals for help with difficulties relating to that abuse. (Holmes, Offen, & Waller, 1997). Male victims are relatively unlikely to disclose their experience of childhood abuse, and they deny the impact of sexual abuse on their lives (Holmes, Offen, & Waller, 1997). Professionals fail to hypothesize that their male clients may have been abused, and do not create the conditions that would…

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