Sexual Assault And Its Effect On Children Essay

2092 Words Dec 6th, 2016 9 Pages
Only 5% of victims report their assault due to the overwhelming atmosphere undergoing an experience as traumatic as rape creates (Schwartz, 1997, p.6). There is an inherent denial and indifference towards victims of sexual assault which illustrates the fragmented college disciplinary system. Since reporting a sexual assault to a college often results in administrators treating rape as academic misconduct rather than a serious and violent crime, it fosters the moral ambiguity of what constitutes sexual assault. This results in the victim’s reluctance to report their abuser’s crime since rape culture has taught victims that it is pointless for them to go forward since colleges tend to exhibit favoritism. Furthermore, there are definite ways in which alcohol and sexual aggression relate. There are many groups, such as fraternities, where alcohol consumption is extremely high. The use of alcohol in a fraternity was the catalyst for Brock Turner raping his victim. Due to the frequency of alcohol’s involvement, it results in victims being dissuaded from reporting the crime since they may feel a responsibility for what occurred, especially if they were underage. This exemplifies rape culture in the United States since it shows that everything always ends up leading to what the victim should have done to prevent the crime. Sexual assault on college campus is pervasive to women since they are overwhelmingly the victims. Similarly, freshman women typically exhibit a lack of…

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