Sexual Aggression At Bars : What College Men Can Normalize Essay

780 Words Apr 4th, 2015 4 Pages
Edward H. Thompson Jr. and Elizabeth J. Cracco authors of the journal article “ Sexual Aggression in Bars: What College Men Can Normalize” try to explain the importance of how sexual aggression affect the majority of women who attended bars, or college parties. Sexual aggressiveness is considering part of a masculine norm to many men who attend bars. In this research study Edward and Elizabeth were trying to find out figure out what causes men to become sexual aggressors towards women at bars and college parties. The significance of the research study is to figure out whether sexual aggressiveness should be consider as a norm of masculinity as much as we consider it as a sexual assault. To many men sexually aggressiveness towards women is considering part of the masculinity ideology; they believe that if they sexually assault a woman this makes them manlier. Men think it okay to assault women at bar and college parties do to the fact that think it okay for them to take advantage of women without having any consequences. If men would sexually harass a woman at any other place than that would be consider a out of the norm. The authors approach this particular subject matter by taking a sample of 264 male college students and asking them to fill out a questionnaire evaluating the men’s gender ideologies and their sexual experience at bars and of campus college parties. As a result 90% of the male in the study reported being sexual aggressors at bars and college parties. Gender…

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