Sexual Agency Is Not A Problem Of Neoliberalism : Feminism, Sexual Justice, And The Carceral Turn

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Sexual Agency is not a Problem of Neoliberalism: Feminism, Sexual Justice, & the Carceral Turn is an essay written by Kari Lerum and Shari Dworkin in response to Bay-Cheng 's production of the Agency Line. Within their essay they critique the limitations and presumptions that Bay-Cheng makes in their own work, and suggest routes of deeper examination and possibility towards a more inclusive ideology. I will first summarize Lerum and Dworkin 's essay, and then position myself in dialogue with them in order to expand upon these limitations and possibilities in the hopes to showcase the room for voices that might otherwise be erased by dominant narratives. Lerum & Dworkin contest the agency line on three different aspects. They state in their abstract, “while we find the model interesting and compelling, we critique the argument along three dimensions: conceptual tools, evidence offered, and theoretical scope” (Lerum & Dworkin, 2015, p. 319). Throughout the paper they become more specific about what these dimensions entail, including the very concept of linking sexual agency to neoliberalism as a problem. Lerum & Dworkin (2015) argue “This conceptual move lacks historical context and specificity with the author erroneously conflating feminist agency (resistence to oppressive systems, groups, or other individuals) with a neoliberal focus on individualized personal control (for achieving individual responsibility)” (p. 322). They offer commodity feminism as a union between the…

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