Sexual Activity, Drugs, Alcohol, And Violence Essay

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Today’s culture is rapidly changing and has a direct correlation in shaping our youth. Today’s adolescence are being pre-disposed to more at-risk behaviors now than ever before. Sexual activity, drugs, alcohol, and violence are just a few of the risky behaviors that we need to inform our students about. As professionals, it is our responsibility to help educate our youth on how to avoid risky behaviors. We need to advocate for the students as a whole, alternatives to risk-taking activities, and prevention programs. We may not be able to prevent the students from abstaining from the fore-mentioned activities, but educating them on the risks is crucial.
Studies seem to show that adolescents are most influenced by their peers.
Young adults seem to believe that perception is everything and it’s well known:
“In adolescence, risk taking does occur, and perhaps more so when friends are present. It is no secret that trying to impress friends or peers is a factor in deciding to engage in risk- taking. Popularity is frequently associated with propensities towards taking risks, and vice versa. Surely this is not done blindly, but rather is willfully determined by the adolescent. Carelessness can seem to reflect overconfidence, optimism, delusions of control, or feelings of invulnerability. Further, compounded with youthful misconceptions of invulnerability and alcohol or substance abuse, further debilitates decision making abilities. It is no wonder that a considerable…

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