Sexual Abuse And Sexual Harassment Essay example

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Hundreds of thousands of women and girls in the United States today work in fields, packing houses, and other agricultural workplaces where they face a real and significant risk of sexual violence and sexual harassment. While the exact prevalence of workplace sexual violence and harassment among farmworkers is difficult to determine due to the challenges of surveying a seasonal, migrant, and often unauthorized population, the problem is serious. A multitude of things are put on the line and to little of their knowledge, by moving to the U.S. and trying to make a better life for themselves, their lives can and will potentially change forever. Unfortunately, there are men that exist that are willing to take advantage of vulnerable women and their situation to take what they want. Women face these atrocities everyday, and the film places emphasis on this, by making the public fully aware of what is subliminally going on around them.
The film, Rape in the Fields, confronts the sexual abuse that thousands of women face, or continue to face, while working in the fields and U.S. farms. It addresses many horrific incidences, including, the four-year legal battle against Maricruz Ladino and her former employer, who sexually assaulted her, and had yet to be held accountable. Life continued to change not only for Ladino, but many other women after facing their nightmares, in telling the nation that their supervisors raped and/or sexually assaulted them while they were “on the

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