Sexual Abuse And Its Effects On Society Essay example

1967 Words Apr 14th, 2016 null Page
In today’s world there is several issues that that humanity faces in every day life many are good while many are bad. Today sexuality has become less a taboo and more of an acceptable subject in todays society depending on the person morals and values. Sexuality has many sub-subjects that could be good or bad and can range from a healthy sex life to sexual abuse and will vary on every case. Child abuse and disclosure will be todays topic of discussion.

Many people consider abuse as a negative subject and tend to navigate away from the subject. Many individuals see abuse as something a person will go at some point in life. But a very disturbing and difficult aspect of this abuse is when sexual activity is involved and typically it is not tolerated and punishable by law. When sexual abuse is an occurrence in someone’s life it depends on a person on how they deal with the situation. Usually, adults tend to manage this in a more organized pattern that is more productive in making the abuser face the consequences of their actions. While researching this subject a certain group of people caught my attention. The type of abuse in these typical individuals that range from the age of three to seventeen years old tend to be more severe and mentally disturbing. This type of abuse will affect them in all aspects of life and in future that can range from there attitude towards life, people, relationships, etc. more information on this sub-subject will be distributed trough this…

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