Sexual Abuse And Child Trafficking Essay

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According to the GEMS website, there are over 2,000 children in New York City alone that are sexually exploited every single year. The main victims of these types of crimes are young girls, just barely in their teenage years. The GEMS website also adds that “the most frequent age of entry into the commercial sex industry in the United States is twelve–fourteen years old” (GEMS), meaning that the average child going into the sex industry is not even near being a mature adult. Girls Educational and Mentoring Services, also known as GEMS, is a non-profit organization whose goal is to assist young women who have fallen victim to sexual abuse and exploitation. It is important to provide time and money to this organization because it is one of the largest corporations for the prevention of child trafficking, it has been able to help thousands of girls throughout the nation, and it empowers young women who have gone through trauma and mistreatment. GEMS is one of the biggest and best non-profit organizations that works for an end to child trafficking. They have been working since 1998 to ensure the best for the future women of the United States. Over their years of hard work, GEMS has received a multitude of awards and honors over its years, including, but not limited to, the Susan B. Anthony Award from the New York City Chapter of the National Organization for Women, Esther House Award, and the Community Service Award from Soroptimist International NY (GEMS). All awards…

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