Sexist vs Misanthrope Essay

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Executive Summary

The following journal will express how ethics theories take place into people personalities and thoughts. It focuses in a social dilemma about a misanthrope and a sexiest living their normal lives, and how they are influenced by their judgments in the decision making process. First of all, Harold, as a misanthrope person dislike people in general, no mattering gender, age, race, social preferences, etc. He does not treat people differently, therefore he does not discriminate. In a business environment, he would hire any person for a specific vacancy if the candidate meets the needed qualifications. Also, Harold recognizes his misanthropy problem and he is constant with his thoughts. On the other hand, Lou Bishop is a
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(Immanuel Kant, 1785). Kant considered the "right" superior to the "good"; to him, the "good" was morally irrelevant. The fact that Harold does not like being surrounded by other people does not mean that he is acting immorally in his personal and professional life. He prefers to be by himself and he does not disrespect the society for a purpose. According to the Non-Consequentialist theory he is acting with morality and avoids discrimination he is constant in his thoughts and treats everyone the same.

Ross Theories (Prima Facie Duty), by Carla: As a team we believe that 3 of the Ross duties suit Harold’s personality for example duty of justice which focuses on ‘’distributing the goods fairly among others’’. Harold gives same opportunities to everyone. For him, women have the same capacity than any other person; he does not discriminate and make fair decisions. Duty of self-improvement: at the time he knew he had a problem he was conscious about what he has to improve as a person, he takes managerial decisions to benefit others even though he was a

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