Sexism Is Defined As A Prejudice Or Discrimination Based On Gender

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Sexism is defined as a prejudice or discrimination based on gender. It has been part of the world culture since the beginning of human civilization. In every culture, different types of sexism exist whether it be against men or women. There are different forms of sexism that both men and women had to endure for centuries but for the most part, women are the most affected party when it comes to sexism and sexual harassment. In the 21st century, however, sexual harassment, one form of sexism has been more present than other forms of sexism. Sexual harassment as defined by superson, is the domination of a group of men over a group of women. This “domination” of men includes men having authority over women, which includes men having authoritative powers at work places. This is important to acknowledge because sexual harassment is related to “sex roles.” This is one of the reasons why sexual harassment has been tolerated for centuries. Women are assigned roles or labeled as what superson put as a “nurturer or sympathizer figure.” Usually, when people think of specific job roles such as a secretary or receptionist the first thing they think of is a woman. Society has specifically assigned such roles to women that it even leads to or opens the doors to the occurrence of many sexual harassments. Women are conveyed and assumed to be caretakers and helpers, making women seem to be powerless. This use of language and the way society assigns roles is discriminatory and stereotypical.…

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