Sexism In Sports Essay

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Sports have always been a man’s game. From the start, sports had been just like anything else at the time that was not ladylike. Sports were a man’s thing to do like going to war or working. Sports were violent, showing no vulnerability whatsoever. Sports never reflected what women were supposed to do like being a wife, cook for the family, clean the house, giving birth. Doing anything besides these things was beyond scrutiny. Anything a man did in his life a woman would never do; it wasn’t acceptable. This paper is just about sexism women had to deal with in sports throughout history.
In the late 1800s, schools started giving physical education. People said women were too fragile to play sports. Scientists even said sports would make women
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The new law was impactful that it went from women playing a sport was 1 in 35. Now 1 in 3 women play sports. (Welcome to The Terrordome) I could say that for decades all of this is just about sexism man is trying to be the superior gender, but as the twentieth century goes on you can just tell women everywhere in America are making sure it 's not going to be like that anymore. I can see Progress throughout the century by the time 1999 came around pretty much every single girl has played a sport in their …show more content…
He claimed he could beat any of them. He was the stereotypical male superior minded person at the time. He said “women belong in the bedroom and kitchen, in that order.” Also stating they play 25 percent as a good as men. And that’s how much they should get paid. After Bobby beat Margaret Court. Billie Jean King finally accepted his request to play her after few times. The winner would get 100,000 a win takes all match On September 20, 1973 in the astrodome in Houston in front of 30,492 fans. About 90 million people watching worldwide on television. She had to win for all women this was a very vital situation. If she didn’t win she said herself “I thought it would set us back 50 years if I didn’t win that match,” she said later. “It would ruin the women’s tour and affect all women’s self-esteem.” ( she won all three sets and the match. I think this is a prime example for women playing sports does impact society. After this happened women I think they got respect from everybody in American society not just in sports. In my own theory if this match was never to be played and Bobby Riggs was never a big gambler. I think it would be another twenty to thirty years for women in sports to get equal rights. There would definitely would be pro sports leagues for women and society would keep thinking women’s

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