Sexism In Schools

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Sexism Today From the time a female is born, she is inundated with the idea of how a girl should be. Pink rooms with flowery and feminine accessories are normal. Dolls and domestic toys such as vacuums, kitchens, and brooms are what they are given to play with. As they grow, girls are taught to be gentle and act ladylike. They are often told not to get dirty and bought dresses to wear. Soon, these girls start reading magazines that teach them how to act. Teens will buy popular magazines where male idols tell what their ideal mate is like, or how they like women to act on a date. Fashion magazines show women in skimpy outfits, looking sexy and have headlines promising to teach the females that buy it how to treat their man. At the same time, media is portraying …show more content…
Society, as a whole, needs to be made aware of what constitutes sexism. Parents need to be made aware that their actions in creating that little lady or tough guy may have adverse consequences later in life. Schools need to start having mandatory training for teachers on the ways to treat students equally. Curriculums need to address behaviors that are acceptable to students. I understand that most people believe that how children behave should be left up to the parent. However, in this case, it can be mixed with sex education. And teachers can reinforce it when they see someone doing the right thing or the wrong thing. We need to instill confidence in not just boys, but also girls. We have laws for pay equality. But somehow, it still exists. These companies need to be held accountable for not upholding these. Women are given excuses and even threatened to keep quiet. Consequences should be firm for these actions as well. There should be a governing board that examines records and makes sure that the pay is equal. Applications and resumes should not include gender, or race. Decisions to hire someone could then be based solely on experience and

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