Sexiness Sells Analysis

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Sexiness Sells The focus of sex and sexually related issues is already complicated enough; made more so by exploitation of women’s bodies used to sell products through the media and music industry. As we look at modern advertising and how society is blinded by ads that glorify rape and violence, citizens need to understand that ads on billboards and in magazines are displaying viciousness towards women and as a result promoting men to be aggressive toward females. Additionally, by using sexism in rap music, women are made out to be sex objects for men to take advantage and control of. These ads and lyrics not only can be portrayed as a come on but also gives a false message to young men about women’s true intentions. As a result, women …show more content…
Morgan states, “I have to wonder if there isn’t something inherently unfeminist in supporting a music that repeatedly reduces me to tits and ass and encourages pimping on the regular” (Morgan 455). Rappers have converted the black community into a place where demeaning terms for women are used frequently, and women do not refuse those names, but welcome them, and form themselves to fit the description of the word, “the ‘bitch, ho’ bullshit---isn’t personal but part of the illness” (458), says Morgan. At the same time, the way black women walk, act, talk, and dress only makes it easier to call them names. Even though advertising images show violence towards women acceptable; demeaning women in hip-hop music, lyrics, and cultures are also becoming the standard. Morgan suggests, “Sad to say it, but many of the ways in which men exploit our images and sexuality in hip-hop is done with our permission and cooperation” (459). Hip-hop music is negatively altering the role of women in black communities, and fans are merely reducing themselves to nothing more than sex objects. Ultimately, America is shaping a culture that diminishes and degrades women and citizens must unite to end this deplorable

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