Sexism During The 1950s Women Essays

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Sexism in the Society
In the 1940s women were not looked at as equal to men. Men were the ones who were supposed to work while the women were meant to clean the home, care for the children, and make dinner. Men were not able to see that women are just as capable of working in factories as men are. In the 1940s training video supervising women workers, Joe’s attitude, Mr. Brook’s attitude, and the women’s reactions reveal the sexist attitudes of the time period.
Joe’s attitude toward women shows the sexism in the society at the time. The first-time Joe is seen in the video, he is speaking to Mr. Brook in Mr. Brook’s office. The two men are talking about the new women workers and Brook’s is explaining to Joe the best ways to train the women workers. Joe believes that “women don’t realize what it means to stick on the job”(Kerkow) because he is annoyed at how many of them have asked for time off. Although Joe’s attitude changes in the middle of the video by his wife. Joe comes home to his wife Molly and speaks about the frustrations of women asking him for time off. Molly offers advice saying; so many of them have two jobs…one in the home, one in the plant.”(Kerkow) making Joe realize that the women do not just work and then go home and get cared for like men. Therefor Joe decided to give those women their time off they asked for but Joe still has sexist thoughts on women. He speaks with Brooks about the jealousy of women. For example, if one of the men workers training is…

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