Sexism, Discrimination Based On Sex Essay

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Sexism according to the Merriam Webster dictionary can be defined as prejudice or discrimination based on sex or behavior, conditions and attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex. Sexism is another central concept of women’s studies and it is important to the study because it is one of the societal traits that have always been in existence. It affects men and women directly every day and is one of the things that feminists fight wholly against. When the topic of sexism comes up, people think of it mainly or only against women. Though it is true that it is mainly experienced by women, a number of men experience sexism also. Sexism begins for a lot of people at an early stage of development. Why is it so common that girls must wear the color pink and boys must wear the color blue as infants? From the very beginning it has been set in our minds that the color blue is associated with masculinity and the color pink is associated with femininity. A young girl would rather wear all pink than wear one piece of blue clothing because “only boys wear blue” or “blue is for boys”. When did we start attaching colors to gender? Maybe because it is hard to tell the gender of a baby without using their clothes to identify them though infants begin to establish feminine and masculine characteristics early in their childhood.Irrespective of the facts stated, I honestly still think men get away with most things and sexism is mostly practiced against women. We see it right…

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