Essay about Sexism, Discrimination, And Discrimination

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In America it is very common for an individual to be discriminated against due to their gender. The term used to describe this utter disrespect is sexism. Sexism is not bias to a specific gender it happens to both females and males. Society continues to blindly accept this poor treatment of others in: schools, sports, jobs and relationships. To begin with, sexism is very common and has its own set of distinctive traits. These traits can be divided into two categories institutionalized and cultural. As stated by Helen Tierney part of the definition of gender roles in western culture involves assumptions about the types of occupations, lifestyles, and abilities that are held to be appropriate for women and men. Both genders start to build their sexist view points on this topic at a young age; however, they only acquire these viewpoints because they have been culturally embedded into them. Stereotyping is also a major candidate in sexism. This happens when people automatically assume roles an individual should play in society due to what they believe is ideal (Friedman). For example some men believe women should not work at manly corporations like the shipyard; and some females believe men shouldn’t be nurses. Sexism is when an individual tries intentionally breaks down the opposite gender mentally or emotionally to empower themselves. In many cases men become threatened by women acquiring dominance; which creates hostile sexism (Firger). This is very a common interaction…

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