Sexism and the Contribution of Confucianism to China Essay

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I. Introduction
A. Background
The contribution to the idea of sexism manifested through belief of Confucianism and aids the identification of the controversial need to identify gender roles and the Chinese perspective of women's rights in modern China.
II. Identification of Gender Roles A. Taboo 1.Assignment of a Functional Role 2.Allocation of Roles B. Why a Woman Can't Be More Like a Man? 1. Vive la Différence

III. The Contribution of Confucianism to the Idea of Sexism A. Confucian Women 1.Deification of Reproductive Power 2.Minimizing the Rights of Women

IV. The Chinese
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Initially women were expected to remain home while pregnant, menstruating and nursing children so that they would not serve as liabilities during work. Eventually this whole concept evolved into ALL women should remain within a home. Their roles are centered mainly within and on the home. Men were seen as primary in their sexual and social roles because of the fear of domination and the transition from dependence to inferiority. The difference among sexes eventually formalized and become institutionalized in social structure. Women could be associated with chattel; they were not viewed as a person but rather an asset or property of men. These ideas carried over and manifested into traditional religious values. The early religions sought to explain that distinction among sexes was divinely inspired and ordained.
Women were viewed as nothing more than fragile beings. The idea of a woman taking on the role of a man was uncommon and frowned upon. Why can’t men and women be more like each other? The battle of the sexes has reached a new level of intensity in trying to understand the standard difference besides physical ones. The elimination of traditional ideas could lead to the creation of an equal and undifferentiated unisex society among men and women. The phrase vive la différence is certainly the common idea among most people. The distinction among sexes is strongly implemented and the trouble is that no one really is aware of what la différence consists of. The

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