Sexism And Sexism By Suzanne Pharr Article Essay

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Essay Homophobia and Sexism in Suzanne Pharr article, she wrote that “heterosexism and homophobia work together to enforce compulsory heterosexuality and that bastion of patriarchal power, the nuclear family.” Ministers across the world have focused on two solely “problems”: abortion and homosexuality. Puberty is when the society pressure to be heterosexual and preparing for marriage hard for individuals who struggle with their identity. The Lavender Menace discussed about women who were feminist and were lesbians often hid their sexuality or spoke less at organizations to have a greater effect on the audience. “The Woman Identified Woman” help homosexual woman bring conscious what is was like to be a feminist and a lesbian. Women who were lesbians left the feminist movement because of all the homophobia being spoken about. Feminist women would speak at organizations, but only about being a middle class straight, white women. Feminist wanted to conjugate all the women together, but how could they do that when they left out women of color, homosexuals and third world women. Feminism is trying to have equality between both sex, but how can we create common good when they only focus on straight, white women? Being homophobic is a backlash against feminist women because it ruins the idea of having every sexual orientation, gender, and race be equal. No one will want to support a movement if it focuses on one race and one orientation. The Stonewall Riots was spoken in The…

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