Sexism And Gender Equality For Other Countries Essay

2226 Words Apr 6th, 2015 9 Pages
In recent years few topics have gripped the nation quite like the idea of sexism and gender roles. While in the last few decades many determined leaders have stepped forth to reconcile the differences, America as a whole still has a long way to go. While we present ourselves as the epitome of gender equality for other countries, doing so is unjust considering the imbalance of power, representation, respect and perceived value across the gender spectrum. While many continue to deny it, sexism is still an indisputable problem in modern American society.
Division of the sexes through the establishment of gender roles has been the norm of society since the beginning of man. In order to evaluate the current state of sexism in America, one must first study our history. From the prehistoric eras of human evolution men were valued as the hunter, the protector, the leader. Gallantly, spears in hand, they would leave their mates and children behind in search of meat for their family group. The whole of his family’s survival resided on his shoulders, and any misstep on his part was seen as immense failure. Women were left behind to mend the camps, cook the meals, and watch the children. Viewed as the weaker sex, the were left at their dwelling with the more gentle work, only leaving the home for simpler tasks like the gathering of berries and roots. As these societies grew more sedentary and complex, the introduction of organized civilizations only solidified these gender roles.…

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