Essay about Sex Without Love By Sharon Olds

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This paper is going to be about the poem, “Sex Without Love”written by Sharon Olds, who graduated from Stanford University and an author of several books of poetry. In the poem, the narrator is having a lot of questions and asking many things to the reader. It almost sounds like the narrator do not understand why people are able to have sex without sharing love. There are a lot of meanings in this poem and most of them cannot be seen from directly reading the poem. As the title of the poem is called, “Sex Without Love”, the author ask the reader about how do people have sex without love in the beginning of the poem. It felt like the author is not directly bashing on the people who perform intercourse without any signs of love to each other. When I read the whole poem, it was pretty simple to guess that the author is most likely does not like this type of act. I believe that the poem is trying to send a message that the act of having sex without love is not love of pleasure but rather not rightful and disgusting act. In the middle of the poem, the author starts talking about God and false Messiah will not be accepted. I can able to tell that false Messiah is considered people who have sex without sharing love, and those people who perform this type of activity is considered a sin. The poem is presuming that this type of activity will require to share love for each other and must be done in a rightful way, such as marriage. The tone in this poem is despisement and…

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