Sex, Violence, And Violence Essay

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Introduction The general topic of this research was about memory and how it correlates to the presence, or absence, of sex and violence in a television show and how much impact the embedded advertising had. Previous research showed that programs with sex and violence attract fewer viewers than other shows which in turn reduces the overall impact of the advertising. Previous research also showed that the viewers of violent shows had impaired memories. The research also suggested that programs with sexual story lines may also impair memory. More specifically, a meta-analysis had been done on 16 previous studies with a total of 2,474 participants. The data from the 16 studies showed that memory for advertisements had dropped 27% if the advertisements were put into violent programs than non-violent programs. The same went for ads embedded into sexual programs. Other previous research found that Individuals tend to focus their attention on the violent aspects of media, when compared to nonviolent media. There was also research done that showed a similar finding, people will focus more on sexual media than non-sexual.
The goal of the present study was to expand the current body of knowledge. It was meant to go beyond memory and test how violent and sexual shows influence the buyers mindset and their behavior thereafter.
The specific hypothesis being tested was consumers presented with violent and sexual advertisements will have an inverse impact on coupon choices and that brand…

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