Sex Trafficking: Trauma And Abuse

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Sex Trafficking Rough Draft

The effects of sex trafficking are psychological damage, health issues, and social rejection.

Countless sex trafficking victims suffer from psychological damage such as post-traumatic stress disorder. According to the Department of Health, “nearly 80 percent of the women were still suffering from post-traumatic stress … an average of 16 months after they were freed” (Johnston). Many sex trafficking victims have been beaten, sexually and mentally abused daily by their pimps or traffickers. The trauma and abuse stays with the victims for months and even years after they have found freedom (Johnston). Trafficking victims have been in life threatening events and usually respond to them with fear and a feeling of
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- PTSD: National Center for PTSD"). The sad truth is that victims are unable to mentally escape from their abuse and trauma they have experienced. Post-traumatic stress effects innumerable victims of sex slavery constantly reminding them of the crime the endured.

Stockholm syndrome is a condition that affects several sex trafficking victims. Stockholm syndrome is “a term that refers to a hostage situation in Sweden in which the seized individuals bonded with their captors to such an extent that they even testified on their behalf in later court proceedings” (Wormer). When a person develops Stockholm syndrome, they usually are shown a glimpse of kindness from their captor. In sex trafficking, the trafficker usually physically and sexually abuses the victim, threatens his or her life and
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Since the victims have been abused daily and forced into prostitution, they become withdrawn from society after they are freed. The victims are not used to normal lives and it takes time to readjust to a life without the fear and mistreatment from being exploited in trafficking. They have a harder time fitting back into society because of the constant trauma they faced over the past years of their captivity. Once the victims escape, a majority of them face criminal charges for prostitution. Having a criminal charge on their records gives blame to the victims for a crime they were forced into. This is damaging to trafficked victim’s self-esteem because they did not voluntarily enter the sex trafficking industry. In addition to having the responsibility of the crime on their shoulder, it also makes it more difficult for them to find a job. Some interviewed victims said, “their record is a ‘huge road block’ to obtaining a job” (Joselow). Employers see the criminal charge but have misconceptions of the actual reason behind the charge. This misunderstanding stands in the way of many sex trafficking victims to obtain a stable job, which prevents them from fitting into society

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