Sex Trafficking Is A Global Phenomenon Essay examples

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Sex trafficking is a global phenomenon and there is often debate on how it should be addressed and resolved. According to Samarasinghe, female sex trafficking is “universally acknowledged as a highly exploitative activity” which results in great profit for those who exploit the women. (2008: 4) Many victims are young women and children who are coerced or forced into these positions of limited power. They are subject to much abuse so that those in power can attain pleasure, power, and wealth. Although sex trafficking victims can come from all parts of the world, a large majority of them come from Asia due to their abundant supply of bodies and cheap labor. Those who are subject to sex trafficking endure harsh conditions and suffer from the physical and mental abuse that they go through, and through this process they are objectified and lose their human rights. Often, victims of sex trafficking are subject to their fate simply because some other being sees them as a cheap source of labor or commodity that they can sell while enjoying the dominance that this allows them. Those who are not coerced or forced into the sex trade will sometimes willingly subject themselves to this fate due to poor economic circumstances. Although there is speculation and debate towards the legality of prostitution and selling one’s body, there is a further united front against the trafficking of sex slaves, the difference being one is participating in the sexual labor force willingly. By…

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