Sex Trafficking In Nepal

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Sex Trafficking in Nepal
Kayleen Enoka
HCA 422I Sex Trafficking in Nepal
The purpose of this essay is to delve into the illegal world of sex trafficking in Nepal and to get a better understanding of the criminal and health issues involved. Human trafficking is an organized criminal industry and “is tied with the illegal arms industry as the second largest criminal industry in the world today, and it is the fastest-growing” after drug dealing (Viamonte, 2008). Human trafficking is also a global public health issue. The question is whether it is more of a criminal problem or a health problem.
Nepal is considered to have one of the largest sex trades in the world. Sex trafficking is rampant in Nepal due to its ranking as one of the poorest
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The victims of sex trafficking are inflicted with many physical and psychological wounds. Victims are subjected to numerous forms of abuse and survivors typically suffer from various forms of posttraumatic stress disorders. The victims don’t get any form of health care unless it is life threatening. They live in filth and have poor nutrition so certain health conditions such as scabies and tuberculosis are present. Many become addicted to drugs and either through coercion or willingness to escape the reality of their situations. They are physically tortured among many things like, “rape, gang rape, burning of breasts and genitals with cigarettes, beating, and chaining with fetters” (Crawford, 2008). The constant physical abuse causes the victims to suffer long after the physical abuse is actually …show more content…
According to Gajic-Veljanoski and Stewart (2007), “Sex trafficking is also listed as one of the factors influencing the pandemic heterosexual spread of HIV/AIDS around the world. When Nepali girls and women become infected with HIV they are abandoned and are of no longer use to traffickers. A study done by Silverman, Decker, and other doctors (2007), in which they were researching the prevalence of HIV in Nepali women, showed that many become infected, and the younger the girls were when forced into prostitution, the higher chance of contracting the disease. In a rescue in Bombay in February of 1996, of the 218 Nepali girls who were rescued, 60-70% of them were HIV positive (Hughes, 2011). In a study of 287 Nepalese women who had survived sex trafficking, 38% of them were HIV positive.
Sex trafficking in Nepal is a major concern worldwide. It is both a criminal problem and health problem. In this essay, there have been many facts given to show that it is more of a health problem than criminal. The health concerns for the victims and the rest of the world are more dangerous and long-lasting than the criminal aspects. The spread of infectious diseases is one of the major reasons that we should be aware of the health issues. Sex trafficking need to stop for the welfare of the present and future victims, and the health concerns for

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