Sex Trafficking And Prostitution: A Case Study

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The point that stood out to me and I wanted to reflect on was how corrupt some of the people and government agencies described in some of the Asian countries that exploited migrant workers from Thailand. Many of the women were kidnapped or taken from their homes against their will and then forced to pay their kidnappers for freedom. The other point how was that necessity which is the mother of invention turned these women form victims to entrepeneurs. Through their exploitation they learned how rise to the situation and unionized sex work. The human reality of international sex trade is that it is inhuman treatment of women and girls. There is a distinction that has to be made between sex trafficking and prostitution. Sex trade or trafficking is slavery. This is the inhuman treatment of people that has occurred through trickery, coercion, or kidnapping. Interesting …show more content…
Other issues that were concerns were the assistance was decided by authorities no the sex worker themselves, (19). Finding the sex workers was hard to locate to interview. The prostitutes were perceived as indecent and immoral but the customers are not. It didn’t make there job easier when prostitutes were treated as victims or if groups that want prostitution abolished.

This has become a global issue as case studies reveal that sex trafficking extends across the globe to accommodate the clients willing to pay for this service. Sex trafficking or sexual exploitation is global issue just as any industry will expand across nations so has sex work. What sex trafficking is though is the sale of human beings or slavery. Many nations are addressing this issue, however the sad reality is sex trafficking is on the rise.

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