Sex Tourism Essay

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TO5101: Tourism systems analysis

Sai kumar Nalla
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Executive summary: In the recent years Sex tourism is the most attracting and increasing sector in terms of tourism studies. There are increased research, paper work, books, articles and several magazines released in the market related to sex tourism. Today there are many forces at work in the normalization of the international sex industry (Jeffeys, 1997).

As sex industry has immensely became most profitable. It almost exists in all the developing countries in one or the other form where only “sex” is been significant. As the trends towards the sex and sex tourists have been developed internationally. In
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The intersection of tourism and migration with the globalised systems also facilitates the production of sex tourism by bringing mobile sex workers with mobile sex consumers together. Mostly men, but also some women from increased concentrations of industrialized nations can afford for travelling as tourists in other countries. Where they can enjoy the “exotic” sights, sounds and “Otherly” bodies which is all possible by the modern trends of exploitation by means of travelling and acquiring the required knowledge with the help of mechanical communications like internet, books, televisions, advertisements, and more over through magazines know this is making possible for the new generations to meet different people around the world where they can get together emerging in sex tourism.
3. Sex tourism in Australia:
As prostitution is legal in Australia sex tour companies are organizing several trips for their customers across the world where the only primary purpose is emerging in prostitution. Sex tours mainly originate from Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden and United States. They all go on sex tour to developing countries like Philippines, Thailand, Mexico and other countries.

Many sex tour companies in Australia violate the laws of their business where generating

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