Sex Tourism in Thailand Essay

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The emergence of the Child Sex Market:

The market for children prostitutes has been created by a number of factors. During the 1970"s pedophiles from Western countries were attracted to Thailand because of its lenient laws against prostitution and the high currency exchange rate (Jubilee, p. 3). The supply of customers caused pimps to acquire children through sale and through kidnapping to meet their demand. Widespread rural poverty and the low socioeconomic status of children caused the influx of a large supply of rural children that could be acquired relatively cheep. To prevent the interference of the government Thai officials were bribed or in some cases offered a portion of the profits of the trade. When the AIDS epidemic severely
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66). In essence the Thai government feels justified in sacrificing an entire generation of women and children for economic development. THAI International, a government funded agency, addressed the problems associated with the AIDS epidemic and the sex trade, not as a threat to the nation or its people, but as a threat to the tourism industry (Bishop, p. 68). It seems that greed for money, and power has led to widespread government corruption that has led to a sickening disintegration of morals. The Thai government has swept sex tourism under the carpet with a public relations campaign designed at salvaging tourism"s identity (bishop, p. 70). Thai social critic Siriporn Skrobanek claims that "The ruling class values the bodies of poor women as a means to attract tourists to earn foreign exchange. This strategy made Thailand a country where "all people who go there, like it and long to return. It is beautiful and there is something for everybody (Bishop, p. 75).
In the past decade the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and THAI International has led an effort at attracting affluent white male tourists. One add, issued by a company called incentive Asia Destination Services, promises to "turn fantasy into reality and reality into fantasy" for "deserving high achievers". A brochure titled Thai Values: Travel to the Land of Smiles, says " Thai values make Thailand the ultimate incentive; So much for so little; Beauty and the beach; Antiques, Thai arts and

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