Essay about Sex, The, And Genital Reconstruction Surgery

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Sex Change is a process where a person decides to go under medical procedures to change their sex organs; this will give them a new identity. “For the medical term it is known as sex reassignment (SRS) also can be called as gender confirmation surgery, gender reassignment surgery, and genital reconstruction surgery.” [1] In 1952 the first ever sex reassignment surgery was done to a transgender named Christine Jorgensen. [2] In many years around the world people have had many different opinions on whether sex change is a morally correct way or a wrong way of identifying a person’s new identity. More say they rather not have sex change to be legal but in my opinion it is each individual’s decision who and what they want to do in life.

Sex Reassignment is done to change a person’s body part so their appearance will look as if they are the opposite gender. There are many types of surgery that can be done to a person. The most common ones are if you’re a male wanting to be a female you would need to have “vaginoplasty which is when a penis is surgically removed and made into a vagina which involves skin grafts and sigmoid colon resection, this makes penile and scrotal skin to be used to form the labia.”[3] When you’re a female wanting to be a male and get sex change done you will have a phalloplasty which is where skin grafts are used to attach a penis. [4] A transgender is a person whose sexual identity is different from the one they were given at birth. They decide…

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