Sex Shop Essay

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The most interesting part about working at a sex shop was the people. It was always interesting to see who came into the shop and why they came in. A lot came in because they wanted to try something new with their partners. Some came in to get things for their friend’s birthdays and others came in for their own pleasure. It was always fun answer questions for beginners and showing them the safest and sometimes most tame products that newbies might want to try. It was the best job a guy could ask for, at least that’s how Ryan saw it.
It was a rainy day and he sat on the front counter looking through the catalog of new products. He was supposed to pick new things for the shop but business had been slowly lately. He had no idea what to pick with
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He didn’t want to come inside this place but because of the rain and barely being able to see in front of himself, he rushed inside. His friends had told him about this place. His one friend Joel said it saved his and his wife’s marriage. Though he doubted Kara would leave him so easily, but he liked the store so at least it was a somewhat nice place. The floors were clean and all the products were neatly placed on shelves. When Ray noticed the man behind the counter was gone he decided to actually look around. He walked over to the right side of the building, which seemed to be mostly male products. He could feel his face just heating up at the racks of magazines and books willed with sex tip and positions. There were bottles upon bottles of different kinds of lubes and boxes of condoms. He was starting to feel nervous. He’d never really been around sex stuff a lot. He wasn’t a virgin but it wasn’t something that had occupied his thoughts 24/7 like most other males his age. He jumped when he felt something on top of his head. His hands immediately went to his head and he felt a towel. He turned around to see the man who was behind the counter with his hands on his hips and a smirk on his face. He had nice wispy hair and nice blue eyes. He tried not to stare but the man’s smirk only grew when he …show more content…
I think I might have something if you need to change.” He told Ray. Ray looked around the building and quickly shook his head. “It’s nothing from out here. We have normal uniforms in the back. It’s just a black shirt and black pants.”
“Are you sure? I mean… your other employees might need it.” Ray told him.
“I’m the only one here.” Ryan said sitting at the front counter flipping through his catalog again. Ray nods his head and walks behind the counter into the back area. Everything is in boxes and the room is kind of cold. As Ray stripped of his wet clothes a shiver went down his spine. He’s lucky the man had something he could wear or he could have caught a cold.

Ryan sat at the front desk with a smile on his face. The kid was cute and he always had a soft spot for younger men. Plus his chocolate colored eyes looked like something nice to stare at for hours on end. He turned when he heard footsteps and saw the young man walking towards him in a relaxed shirt and pants that were obviously too big for him. He smiled at him and the young man smiled back.
“I almost forgot to tell you. My name. It’s Ryan.” He said holding out his hand.
“My name’s Ray. Thanks for the clothes.” He said reaching his hand out to Ryan’s. Maybe stopping in wasn’t a bad idea after

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