Sex Role Stereotypes Are Culturally Shared Assumptions And Expectations About Sex

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Sex role stereotypes are culturally shared assumptions and expectations about sex differences in abilities, personality traits, activities, and roles (Weinraub et al 1493) History has proven that gender inequality it is not today’s problem it’s been a problem since the beginning of times. Who determines what is it the female’s role in society? How is it determined if a woman is respectable or not? What are the expectations regarding women’s behavior? How is masculinity and femininity defined? Does being a man guarantees power? “Critical to any explanation of sex role development is information regarding the time of onset of sex role stereotypes and their relationship to other gender-related skills and behaviors.”(Weinraub et al 1493)

According to Edward Long’s book, women had to have certain characteristics that make them unique and a valuable member of society. The only value women had was to serve her husband and make him seen good in front of friends, family and important members of society. “A woman must divest herself, as soon as possible, of gross ignorance (that foster-mother of pride), silly prattle, and conceited airs: she must endeavor, by diligent reading and observation, to enlarge her notions, banish her prejudices, and stock her intelligence with such improvements, as may enable her to bear her part in a sensible conversation. They will entertain her company in a rational manner, and with correct language, and not expose her husband to be hooted at, for his…

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