Sex - Original Writing About Sex Essay

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When i was young and everyone was curious about sex, i asked my mom if she has ever had sex before my father came into her life. She then began to explain that such questions don 't have a 'yes ' or 'no ' answer. I was extremely confused by this statement and expressed my confusion, and after that she dropped what she was doing and we went for a drive. My mom drove to a nice park that we both thought was quite beautiful, and the entire way there she explained to me the time that she was walking to the mall and some man started following her and explaining that he thought she was beautiful and wanted her to meet his friends, and she continued to ignore him until the next thing she knew she was inside some unknown house being brutally raped by threemen while se cried out to anyone. She was gone for three days, but her family assumed she was out with a friend. She then explained the time that she was hanging out with her girl friends at a party and another man kept flirting with her, and she calmly rejected him, until the next thing she knew she was in a bed tied to the bed in this house the party was going on in, screaming. She was 11 and 13 when this happened to her.
When i was in seventh grade i snuck out to meet some kids at a park and we were all having fun and everyone had a couple of drinks, and i couldn 't find my friend that i had come with. I searched around until i found her in the small wooded area around the park, where a man held her jaw open while she was mouth…

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