Sex Offenders Laws Fair Or Unfair? Essay

1250 Words May 28th, 2015 null Page
Sex Offenders Laws Fair or Unfair? Sex Offenders, Imprisoned or Hospitalized? Although some believe that the current laws for sex offenders are just, these laws should be more stringent. Some people believe current laws for sex offenders are fair. “He was also charged with violating sex offender work or residency restrictions, specifically accused of breaking a state law prohibiting a person convicted of sexually assaulting a minor from working where they will or might be in direct, unsupervised contact with a minor (Carroll Scott).” Sex offenders are supposed to register where they live at, and working where there are children. It helps me prove that sex offender laws against where they live and work are fair, because the more they are exposed to working and living around children, the more it will make them want to assault them. “Repeat Sex Offender: An individual who has committed multiple sexual assaults, in some cases even after prior incarceration or psychiatric treatment (Chittom, Lynn-nore, and C. Ames Cushman).” A repeated sex offender should be admitted into a mental facility, and given treatment. It helps me prove my argument that the laws against them are fair and that they need help instead of isolation from society. “Given that medical studies show that the impulse to commit a sexual crime, left untreated, may not diminish over a lifetime, should every sexual offense result in life in prison without parole (Lee, Deborah, and Tracey M.…

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