Sex Marriage Should Not Be Taught Essay

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Sexuality In today’s society the biggest discussion we are having lately is all about sexuality. While sexuality can mean many different things one big thing we’ve talked about is same-sex marriage. Ever since same-sex marriage became legal it has been the biggest topic on the news and it has made history. Other topics of sexuality include should it be taught in school, so that students will know the consequences of having sex with their significant other. I chose this topic because I find it interesting how everyone has different opinions on this topic. While many people could think of negative reasons why these topic could ruin our society, there are positive reasons why these topics could help our society become better. For many years people have been trying to get same-sex marriage legalized. It wasn’t until June 26, 2015 that everyone got the freedom to marry whoever they wanted. Although, this is not the first time someone has ever tried to get married to the same-sex. According to an article on, the first homosexual couple to try to marry was Richard Baker and James Michael McConnell; the name of this case was Baker v. Nelson. The couple went from their local supreme court to the supreme court of Minnesota. This case along with many other same-sex marriage cases caused a lot of controversy. Many homosexuals were beginning to form LGBT rights groups, such as, IGLHRC, ILGA, OII, and many others. Furthermore, many people are for same-sex marriage…

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