Essay on Sex, Lies, And Advertising By Gloria Steinam

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How often do you get drawn to an advertisement because the first thing that you see is a pretty and hot women? Magazines have been around for several decades but even though only a few people reads them, they still influence old and modern day society. The article, “Sex, Lies, & Advertising” by Gloria Steinam tries to offer a better understanding into the magazine industry and how they operate. Steinam talks about how all magazine companies uses feminism to sale their product. She explains that within each advertisement, companies use women to draw in attention. They are often depicted to be sexy figures or objects through their body and perfection. There is always a hidden message within each magazine, where they are aiming to brainwash the consumer into buying. Steinam also talked about how the old magazines portrayed women a certain way. This certain way was influenced by the events in the past. For example, Steinam talks about the American dream or the American family where the women in the family does all the house work such as cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the kids while the man goes fighting in World War 1. Then, it was influenced by World War 2 when women were needed to take over the men’s old job in order to keep the nation running. Women in these magazines are shown as tools to advertise these products. The way females are portrayed back then and today are still the same.
After reading “Sex, Lies & Advertising”, I went and bought a female targeted…

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