Sex Is So Personal, And The Language Essay

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It is definitely different than how it is now, especially in the media. "Absolutely. I 'm still shocked! I 'm still shocked when I see things on T.V. You know, I think, how embarrassing. If my daughter is sitting by me and we 're watching a movie and there 's something going on sexually, I 'm embarrassed, you know, I 'm watching this with my daughter. It 's just so personal. Sex is so personal. And the language. I cannot believe the language and the commercials, you know? It 's just amazing."
Did you have any expectations of marriage? And did it go the way you wanted it? "No, no, not at all. I really didn 't. My mom and dad had a very unhappy marriage and they divorced after I got married. After I left they got divorced, but they should have got divorced a long time ago. I had absolutely no expectations. My husband never drank before we got married. He was ten years older than I was. He had been married before. None of those things meant anything to me. I was ignorate to how relationships were suppose--should be like, so I had no expectations. I guess I just wanted to have kids and live happily ever after."
You seemed to have seen kids in a positive light, but did that change when you had your own? "It was difficult because my husband started drinking after we got married and living with an alcoholic is not easy. We never got divorced. His parents weren 't. It just didn 't happen in our time. My parents got divorced after I was married and his parents never divorced. It…

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