Sex Is Part Of Life For Most Essay examples

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Sex is part of life for most, but not all, people. While sex, sexuality, sexual expression, and sexual interests change between cultures and individuals, what we might broadly call sexual behavior is common. Sexual behavior, expression, and interests are not limited to adult life. Sexuality develops throughout the human lifespan. Sexual interests and behaviors are, to some extent and for most individuals, found at nearly all stages of human development (DeLamater & Friedrich, 2002). According to the most recent Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 34% of high school students in the U.S. were sexually active at the time of the survey. Further, 3.1% of females and 8.3% of males report having intercourse before the age of 13 (Center for Disease Control, 2013). The figures for incidence of sexual intercourse in adolescents will change between studies and data sets, but the majority of adolescents (60-70%) will have become sexually active by the time they leave high school, or turn 18 (Carver, Joyner & Udry, 2004; Grunbaum et al., 2002, 2004; as cited in Diamond and Savin-Williams, 2004).
Research in the field of sexuality development has often focused on exceptions to heteronormative and heterosexist assumptions, seeking information about individuals who develop atypically of these assumptions. There is ample research on the suspected “causes” or factors of a non-heterosexual identity, but little effort to explain a model of heterosexual identity development (Worthington, Savoy,…

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