Essay about Sex Is Not A Police Officer

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Date after date, going through her room. A huge list of appointments to serve for the day. Men going in and out, leaving their marks inside her. After conquering their needs, once again they feel like the champions, the owners, the bosses, the ones who have the power over almost everything. However, the reality is far from this erroneous idea that men like to believe. They seem to think that their power relies on their abilities to seduce and dominate but, what they do not seem to recognize, is that in order to be powerful, they appear dependent on the reaffirmation coming from the opposite sex. Lola is one of those girls that work on the streets. She is not a police officer, she may not have a degree, but she knows how to make males fall under her knees. She is living off the insecurities that men have. Working in such a risky business, as prostitution is, has taught her that her rights have been compromised, and that the time has come to start making a change. Lola is not forcing anyone to do what she does, instead, she is just fighting against a society that denies her the freedom to act as the sole proprietor of her physical body and punishes her for that freedom by denying her legality. Prostitution empowers women and therefore, should be legal.
In United States of America where people claim to be socially advanced, prostitution is illegal in all jurisdictions except certain counties in Nevada. It is definitely challenging, the idea that even in such a modern world as…

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