Sex Is Not A Good Learning Experience Essay

1868 Words Jan 25th, 2016 null Page
The past 10 years or more I always wanted to put together a hard-hitting book about sexual dating relationships. After many other books that I had written. I have at last put together a book with truth and facts. That is necessary for our present day climate of sexual rebellion, doing what makes us feel good and sexual wickedness.
I do not have any memory when I was a child, of my mother and father, or me inside a church listening to the consequences of sex. It was not a good learning experience.
For those of you who may feel that this book is not for your child think again if they do not learn from you who they would learn from. Anyone can benefit from this book. This book is metaphorically your mother and your father discussing sexual dating relationships, and its consequences.
When I write about a certain subject, at times, I seek factual information that will support my subject. Because sometimes people want to see facts and even then they might consider or deny the truth. The truth hurts when someone tells us that we are behaving badly as it pertains to our sexual behaviors that have consequences.
Sexual dating relationships are for everyone. There is no exception clause because of how you feel, what you want, and what you think. If you are living together (AKA shacking up), single, separated from your spouse, divorce, single with children, married with children, and having an extramarital affair this book is for you.
There are truths behind sexual dating…

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