Sex Is A Spiritual Dance Between Two Human Beings Essay

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Sex feels good, yes, and it is good for your body. But you have to watch out who you 're having sex with. Do you think that having sex with a toxic person will enhance your spirit? Heck no! They may be nice to you temporarily while having sex, but when they 're done and you 're glowing, they 're back to their old toxic ways. This will mess up your mind because sex is a spiritual dance between two human beings, so you 're absorbing the other person 's energy. The worse thing about absorbing energies is risking absorbing that of a toxic person. Once their toxic energy is in you, you 'll start acting like them and imitate their behavior. Some couples even start to look like each other and act like each other after being together for an extended period of time. This is bad for you when dealing with a toxic person. Understand that who you have sex with is a reflection of yourself as their energy will be pumped into you with each stroke they take. Once that energy is stuck in you, other toxic people will start gravitating toward you wanting sex as well. This is why it 's important to have sex with good and wholesome people. Of course, you should wait for marriage to have sex, but if you 're going to do it recreationally for pleasure or happiness, then just be careful. Diseases still exist out here and a toxic person may be mad because they have one.
Oral Fixation
Some people feel happy by having things put into their mouths. This is called having an oral fixation. Some people…

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