Sex Is A More Acceptable Topic Essay

1165 Words Dec 18th, 2015 null Page
When someone mentions having good morals it usually means that they are focusing on the aspect of sex. During the rise of Christianity sex was an important view of morality due to the emphasis that was put towards it. Marital conditions played a enormous factor in sex with relationships but it may not be the case today and standards may have changed. Today sex is becoming a more acceptable topic in the world. It is becoming more suitable of a topic because the advertisement that is push towards sex. Due to the rise of technology advertisements on things such as commercials and movies have made a impact of society. Sex is growing in media and has made its way to advertisements. One of the more common company’s that employed sex is Calvin Klein. This brand is better known for its male and female underwear clothing products. To improve their ratings they post many commercials of bare flesh human contact to grasp the attention of the user. Many of these victims that experience this are teenage young adults that have the mindset of becoming a model of some sort. This brand has also displayed a billboard in the middle of New York City that shows a topless photo of young adults laying down in nothing but their Calvin Klein jeans. Due to the amount of controversy that it produced the city had the advertisement removed. Another brand that features sex and uses it as leverage to increase their amount of items sold is the Axe body spray. Typically these commercials are towards…

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