Essay Sex Education Should Be Taught

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One of the most debated topics in the United States for over several decades is whether sex education should be taught in public schools. Sex education is instruction on issues describing human sexuality, including sexual reproduction, safe intercourse, birth control, reproductive rights, and sexual abstinence. Some people believe that abstinence is the only way sex education should be taught, and that teaching safe sex encourages sexual relations in adolescents. However, there are several other people who think safe sex and abstinence should be taught alongside each other. In “Let 's Talk About Sex: The Failure of Abstinence Only Policies in America 's Public Schools,” The author, Solan Cadwell tries to logically prove how abstinence-only sex education has failed generations and is going to continue fail. An analytical style of writing is chosen for discussing both sides of the argument; the main purpose of thesis is talk about both sides of sex education. The thesis is bolstered with bar graphs, charts, and a plethora of empirical evidence.
The author introduces his topic by providing a background of public policy relating to sex education and funding in the United States since the mid-1900s, as well as setting a framework by which the efficacy of sex education can be measured, that being prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. He continues his first chapter by talking about the ineffectiveness of abstinence-only programs and abstinence as a…

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