Sex Education Should Be Taught In Schools

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Most teenagers are not aware that having unprotected sex with partners carries risk. Some of the risks are HIV, STD’s, and teenage pregnancy. Some influencing factors to having sex are stress, peer pressure, and trying to fit in with friends. These are reasons why sex education should be taught in all high schools.

According to Marr,M.D. (2007) “over 70% of all teenagers encounter their first sexual intercourse before they graduate from high school.” (p77)

This poll shows that there are more than 50% of all teenagers in high school that are sexually active. Since adolescence is a time when experimenting with sexuality begins, sex education is an important part or factor in preventing HIV. HIV is the number one killer among teenagers
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According to online video parents suggest that sex education encourages teenagers experiment with sex. Some parents feel sex education encourages teenage pregnancy. I interviewed my neighbor who is a single parent age 31 the mother of 7. She states that not knowing sex education is the reason why she became a teenage mother at the age of 13. She also partially blames her parents for not teaching her or giving her knowledge about sexual education. According to an article in Health Education Journal factors that contribute to teenage sex are stress, peer pressure and not …show more content…
Some parents think this method can be effective for students deciding to have sex or not. This combination of sex education can also help teenagers who decide to have sex in making decissions and encourages students to use contraceptives. Evidence shows that comprehensive sex education programs that provide information about both abstinence and contraception can help delay the onset of sexual activity among teenagers, reduce their number of sexual partners and increase contraceptive use when they decide to become active. These findings were underscored in “Call to Action to Promote Sexual Health and Responsible Sexual Behaviors,” issued by former Surgeon General David Satcher in June 2006.

With the covered knowledge on sex education, which should be part of the high school education, teenagers will be able to make responsible choices about sexual decisions. Sexual Education decision should be driven by empirical evidence rather than political ideology. The spread of diseases among teenagers and teen pregnancy are public health issues that will only worsen if theses issues are left out of the sex education

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