Sex Education Is Crucial Information That Children All Over Deserve A Safe And Healthy Experience

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Sex Education is crucial information that children all over deserve in a safe and healthy experience. As mentioned by the article Global Perspective on Peer Sex Education for College Students “Sexually transmitted diseases and infections continue to be a public health problem across the globe (World Health Organization, 2006)” (Story et al. 81). All around the world, Sex Education is portrayed in different manners, despite being known globally there are still shocking numbers in regards to teenage pregnancy and STIs. There are plenty of risks while engaging in sexual intercourse that needs to be taken into consideration. Especially for children, the most vulnerable targets. Considering whether you are from a developed country, a developing country, or even just based off your financial standings plays a huge role in the Sex Education one has access to. Sex Education needs to be approached in an accepting manner and continuously taught to children at a younger age to prevent or reduce teenage pregnancy, STIs, and misconceptions. Sex Education is a rather broad topic that generally, most have some sort of knowledge about. But what importance does Sex Education have to offer? So throughout this paragraph, we will be talking about the basics of Sex Education and the risk sexual intercourse poses. The “Sex” in Sex Education is referring to “Sexual intercourse” which by definition of the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “Heterosexual intercourse involving penetration of the vagina…

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