Sex Education Is A Huge Part Of Everyone 's Life Growing Up Essay examples

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Sex education is a huge part of everyone’s life growing up because we all need to understand what it is and what consequences we can get by doing something we are not sure of. But some might take it to a far extent that children do not need to know. Some teachers even start teaching kids too early. Children do not start getting hormones until about twelve and some start learning around nine and that is too early. So many different things can happen when having sex education because they can either be teaching too much or too less. It also takes the children to be mature about it because going back to elementary school in sixth grade all the kids would just laugh about what the teacher had to say and make jokes about it after class.. Sex education should not be taught until the end of middle school because at such a young age kids are not ready to learn about things like that and if they do learn they will not take it serious because it would just be considered nasty to them. Learning about sex education towards the end of middle school is good because starting highschool is when people begin losing their virginities and become more comfortable around others. Beginning highschool can be very nervous and crazy for many people because it is where they all start and have to spend the next four years of their lives at but one thing is that when we all start highschool is when we usually start hitting puberty and that starts many people to have mood swings and start being…

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