Sex Education in Public Schools Essay

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Sex education should be taught in public middle schools because: it decreases the chance of sexual diseases and teenage pregnancies, it is needed in case of a parents’ absence or neglect, and it also provides more knowledge about how sex works while debunking the myths surrounding sexual intercourse, and it makes some want to set goals for relationships. People say sex education encourages youth to engage in sexual activities rather than preventing sex. This is true; however, studies show that when youth are taught about sexual education, they are more likely to make better decisions.
Sexual education should be taught in middle school because it is around this time that youth become sexually aware. Teaching them in middle school will
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Some say that the education of sex invokes students to engage in sex. However, stats say otherwise. Research shows that in a survey conducted, only about seventeen percent of the respondents answered that sex education encourages them to do “it” and the remaining eighty-three percent strongly disagreed. Sex education isn’t encouraging students to have intercourse, but rather it is teaching them how to stay safe. Should kids their age be having sex? No. However, kids are kids. They will do as they please. By teaching them safely to “do it” they will at least avoid any unnecessary risks involved in making such a grown-up and mature decision. Because many view sex as a taboo outside of marriage, they do not wish for it to be taught at all, especially to youth. However as I have stated before sex education does not encourage people to have sex but make better decisions when the time does come. Regardless of personal beliefs it is important that they understand the risks and benefits of sex. If the parents believe that the child should abstain from sex then this gives them a chance to talk about it with their child and why they believe so. Another important point to consider is the youth who do not have a particular adult to confide and ask about these feelings and urges they are experiencing. Parents do not talk about this subject to their children because either they are too busy with their daily life, don’t

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